Tuesday, March 1, 2011


"Treat life as the sea, your heart as the shore, and friends as waves. It never matters how many waves there are, what matters is which ones touch the shore."

Your life, your heart and your friends......!!! But real friend/friends, are always only those who touch your heart and soul. 

Do we actually know the meaning of Friendship? The basis for a friendship to last is Love and love is such a difficult word to understand. Love to me is when you like another human being just as you like yourself. Would you hurt yourself? No. So, in friendship, if love is the basis, then you wouldn't hurt your friends. Once love is there, you would also care for your friend. Trust is another huge aspect of friendship. But with love as the foundation, I believe trust should come naturally. Once you break trust, everything is lost. It is like a glass that is broken; always has the scar. A friendship that is not built on love, care and trust will never last.

We are all God's beautiful creations, made in his likeness. God is Love. Go ahead and touch a soul today. Love, care and trust your friend. Treat it like glass and be careful not to break it.

Keep your friends in your heart....Always!!!

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