Monday, March 14, 2011



There are two kinds of loneliness.....the physical and the emotional. Physical is when a person is alone by himself/herself. No person is alone for a long time. They will have family/friends. Physical loneliness can be overcome by visiting family/friends.

Emotional Loneliness: Now this is very hard. When you have family and friends but still feel alone, like you have no one for yourself.....that is real loneliness. Emotional loneliness happens when a person has no one to go to, to confide in, to talk to what they are feeling or going through at that exact moment. They could be all smiling from the outside but deep down, they are very lonely people.

This loneliness can be removed only through Love & Friendship, more so only by friends. These friends have to be really special and such friends are very hard to find these days.  But if you will be true to yourself, then you will find such a special person....there is always one such special friend.

My wish is for everyone to have one such special friend...cause then no one would suffer emotional loneliness or depression.

My advice...Be The Friend and You Will Find Your Special Friend

"We all need that one person in our lives who we can tell everything to and trust with our lives. Otherwise life becomes so lonely and painful." ~ Unknown ~

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