Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Age

Today, the thing that affected me most was the increase in the number of old age homes. That really shocked me!! This according to me is a shame to humanity by itself.

Parents give up almost everything to raise their children especially in these modern days, it is a huge task for parents. They are always there for the children when they need them. They take care of every aspect of children, in education, in their upbringing, in sickness. Every single parent, rich or poor, wants to give their children their very best. I accept the fact that there are exceptions but they are not whom I want to talk about.

When children fall sick, parents take care of them. In their education, parents want them to be the best and succeed in life. In their life, they want them to be a good human being. Overall, parents want the best for their children in all aspects of life i.e. good health, good education and a happy life.

But what happens to them in their old age? Again I am not going to refer to children taking care of their parents. I am very happy with them. This is for the majority not taking care of them and putting them in old age homes as is evident in the growing number of such homes all over the world.

In old age, parents are like "children". From personal experience, all they need is our love, to be there for them when they need us and to share a smile or two with them. Is that too hard for us?

Parents are always there for their children. Are we there for them always when they need us? Please think over it.

I want this flourishing business of old age homes to be gone for good. That would show that children are taking care of their parents.

Be There For Your Parents...Give them your Love....That is all they need.

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