Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The most beautiful phase in one’s life is childhood. It is filled with joy, happiness, innocence, laughter and with absolutely no worries whatsoever. Can anyone forget their childhood? Ask the elderly and they will fondly remember the “good old days” when there was no television, no cell phones, no computers and no modern day gadgets but days filled with loads of fun.

Can you even imagine that? Loads of fun? Without television, cell phones, and computer – probably this is what the youngsters of today wonder!! But I believe people back then really had more fun than youngsters of today. You know why?

Human relationship was given more importance back in the days. People used to spend more time with friends and family. Ever heard about joint family system? Joint family was families lived together under one roof – grandparents, parents, lots of grandchildren having lots of fun playing together, eating together, and laughing together. Well, we now have a new term, “nuclear family”. Here we have the father, mother and a child or two. Can you see any fun here? Both parents are working and children are lonely. We also have another phrase “old age homes” – something that was non-existent before the start of the century.

Outdoor games were so much fun – climbing trees, cycling, walking. Children used to get a lot of physical activity. There was so much bonding between friends. Children played with children and learnt to forgive and forget when mistakes were done, learnt to laugh in times of trouble and learnt how to cope with different aspects of life. What do we have nowadays? Children playing with machines and what do we have? “Little monsters!!” What a pity!!

Next we talk about studies or so-called education. We have become such a marks-oriented society. There used to be a time when learning was fun. Marks were secondary. Children studied out of curiosity, took courses of their choice and shined through in their life because they loved their job. Now, education has become a market where money is minted. Education is imparted for the sake of marks. No one is bothered whether the children are learning anything at all but it is more of memorizing and less learning. Marks are given importance to the extent that the child is pressurized beyond its capacity. It is scary to think that we are creating a society of robots who just perform functions without feelings. We hear of stress management for children. We hear of children committing suicide. This is the sad state of children in the present day world.

What about violence and vulgarity? Movies show so much violence and there is no dearth of vulgarity either and bloodshed too. Even the sitcoms are no different. Television was for entertainment back then, to relax, have a few laughs but… any more!!

I wish we could give our children a better society for them to grow in, better values in life. Hopefully no more children will lose their childhood in the real meaning when every parent does their duty to perfection. Let us hope for a bright future for the children of tomorrow.

Peace and Love!!!

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