Friday, May 27, 2011

A Letter to a Friend.....with Love !!!

    A friend,
    Where ever you live,

    A friend
    Where I live,

Dear Friend,

    Hello, my friend. We met over the internet and it was by chance. You extended your hands in friendship. It was my decision to accept it. Over a period of time, I reserved a place for you in my heart as you became a good friend. It was my choice. Now I make a promise to keep you in my heart till my last breath.....forever.

    There is just one thing I need to know. I don't know where you live in this huge wide world, and I don't care either. All I want to know is can you reserve a place for me in your heart too, a very small place where I can live be your friend.

    Let me know when you reserve a place in your heart.

Love Forever,

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