Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Facebook - Social Networking !!!!

FACEBOOK - The Social Networking Site

A few known friends
from school and college
getting in touch
after being years apart
giving you a sense of belonging

Some get to meet each other
and relive the golden period
of their childhood...
days of being carefree
giggling and laughing
at bygone days
memories so precious
and beautiful
always remaining in our hearts ~ Forever.

Lots of unknown faces
Longing to become friends
from across the world

I get the feeling
there are a lot of lonely people
out in this huge world of ours..

To me, Facebook is like
having pen pals
where we used to make friends
exchange letters

 From an unknown person
to a person close to the heart
without seeing their face
or hearing their voice...

The Only Difference
Pen pals are made through letters
Facebook friends are made through the internet..

The only qualities we need to have are
and Honesty
Not too hard to ask from a person..!!!!

Make a New Friend !!
You would probably make a difference in their lives !!

Peace and Love !!!

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