Thursday, September 22, 2011

Imaginary Friend !!!

I've never seen your face,
I've never heard your voice,
I've never felt your warmth,
But every time I think of you,

It brings a smile on my face,
May be this is what is love,
I don't know!!!

Every time I hear your name
being called...
A beat skips in my heart !!!
They tell me this is love,
But I still don't know!!!

You know why?
Cause you are an
Imaginary friend !!!

A friend I have always dreamt of once.
One thing is for sure,
When I meet you, I will know
the very first instance
that it is YOU!!
I've been thinking of all along!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lover's Dream !!

Sitting here by the beach alone,
thinking of you,
A soft breeze blows,
I feel love in the air,

I remember the times
we spent together,
laughing, crying,
fighting and in each others arms,
but in the end of it all,
It was in Love...

I still keep you in my dreams
Cause they say
Dreams come true..
wishing one day
you will be a reality...
Still Waiting....

Friday, September 2, 2011

For a Very Special Friend !!!

I remember a picture
like I saw it yesterday
It kind of appeared strange back then
but it is meaningful now

From the very first day
we talked,
I knew you were different

There were days we
spent talking all day long
laughing, having fun...
I miss them...

I shared everything with you,
No one else in my life
knows all about my feelings
like you do...

I shared
my happiness,
my joy,
my sadness,
my tears...everything.
You listened and always had a kind word for me.

You were always there for me...every single time
No matter what time of the day/night it was...

Just wanted to take time to say
Stay just the way you are...

You are special and you are loved !!!