Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beautiful Realization !!

Hello, my friend...

How was your day today?
Spent time with family, friends ?
or colleagues from work?

Did you smile, laugh and have a good time?
Did you talk long hours,
help each other out with their problems?
That is really Great!!!

Now, you are back home, in your bed
trying to fall asleep !!!
Have you gone to sleep yet?

I guess not!!
Are you hurting inside?
Are you worrying about people/future/health?
Are you feeling lonely?

oh! it is the darkness of the world!
It brings out the loneliness within us!!
All of Us!!

But look the sun is rising !!
A new dawn ! A new day !!
You are going to see your family/friends/colleagues!!
You are up and bright, happy and smiling!!!

So, see even the darkness did not last,
Likewise your loneliness will not last,
And neither will your hurt or worry !!

This is Life !!!

Accept It !!

Change a situation if you can,
But if you can't, let go,
The One and Only One, our God, will take care.

Our moments today are memories tomorrow!!
Makes your moments happy and worth remembering,
So, you have beautiful memories to cherish all your life !!

Cheers, Friends !!! Keep Smiling :))

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