Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In Memory Of !!

Two years have gone by
Since you left us to be with our Heavenly Father,

Two years since you walked this earth,
two years since we saw your smile and laughter,
two years since we saw your twinkling eyes,

Never for once have I seen you angry,
or utter a nasty word in anger,

I guess these were the qualities in you,
that made God want you to be with Him.

He loved you so much,
He took you away from us to be with Him,
at a very young age.

I never saw you in your deathbed,
know why?
I never wanted to erase the memories
of the few days I spent with you
just a few weeks before you died.

I still remember sitting next to you,
and aunty saying, "Look, how he is taking special care of his sister."
Those words still ring in my ears...I smiled never knowing then
that I was going to lose you soon.

Even in your final moments,
I heard that you were happy,
Never questioned God as to
why all this happened to you.
Never angry.

No wonder God really loved you, brother.

My only regret, I never for once
told you how much I loved you.
Even though in my heart
you always held a special place.

You are very special even to this day, my brother.

You are remembered every single day in my life.

I know you are in Heaven
With our Lord,
Happy and smiling as always,
looking down on us
blessing us, taking care of us.

Your last words,"All my very best. Goodbye to you all."

I believe you can hear me too,
So let me tell you now,
I love you, my brother.
We all love you.

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