Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ladder of Success

 Dear friend,
When you climb the,
Ladder of success,
Never forget those people,
Who gave you,
That extra push,
That you needed,
To go to the next step !!

It might have been,
Just a little smile,
A word of encouragement,
A hand you held on to,
In times of trouble,
A heart that listened to your pain,
Feet that walked with you,
And lips that prayed tor your success,
At every step !!!

Cause if at all you fall back,
These people will always be there,
To get a hold of you,
So you don't fall back,
All the way down !

And they will be there again,
To make sure you climb up again,
The same way they did before !!

They may be family or friends...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Someday !!!

Some day you will miss me,
Like I miss you now...

Some day you will want to see me,
Like I want to see you now...

Some day you will want to hear my voice,
Like I do now...

Some day you will realize my love for you was true...

Some day you will want to come back to me...

Some day you will get a call on your phone..
And wish it was me ....

Some day you will call out to me...


I will not be around to call you, hear you or see you
Or love you....

And I bet you will hurt like hell,
Exactly the way I am hurting right now.

Some day you will wish all these things never happened !!!
But it will be too late !!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sorry !!

When I hurt someone...
I say sorry...
Not just in words...
But from my heart !!!

But sometimes it just
does not seem enough...
Why !!!

I am human...
I am not perfect ...
I makes mistakes...
I learn from them...
But why is it so hard to forgive ?

People find the easiest route out...
They just leave !!!
Do they realize how much it hurts ?
Do they know the pain they are causing ?
This is a pain
that never goes away for life !!! 

Sometimes it is so hard to move on !!! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Special Friends

 There is always a special person,
For everyone of us,
The first one we think of,
When we are happy or sad,
The one person who can,
Make you smile no matter what is going on in your life at that moment,
You wish you could be with them all the time,
Their presence gives you joy,
Their absence hurts you,

You wish for happiness for them all the time,
No matter where they are,
Near or far,
Distance doesn't matter to a heart that cares,
Loves them 24/7 forever!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You Left !!

Every promise you made, I believed..
Every word you said, I listened...
Every lie you uttered, I trusted...
But I still fought for you..
Cause I valued our friendship more than words...!!!

But you hardly cared !!!
For you words were more..
Important than our friendship...
Your ego was bigger !!!

You broke every promise you made..
But I still held on to our friendship
cause you were in my heart !!!

One mistake of mine and you left !!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A must watch video !!!

Love and Care 
for your 
Parents !!

Be there for them
When they need you...
Like they were there for you
When you needed them !!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Walk --->

You wanna walk, my friend ?

You have the entire earth
to walk on...

You have the mountains,
the deserts,
the sands,
the sideways,
the icy antarctic and arctics,
you can even walk in space...

well, that's a lot of places
you can walk on..

But hey! you have 
no right to walk 
all over me...
or my heart !!!

I never gave you
permission to do that...

So stay away from walking 
all over me once and for all !!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Change....Days Since Being On Facebook !!!

It's been 3 years since
I joined Facebook !!!
Time has gone by
so quickly !!!

Made a few really good friends,
Exchanged smiles and laughs,
Sometimes chatting all day long.

So many things have changed though !!
People have moved on...
Some have left the site...
Things I thought would be
the same have changed !!

Somewhere along the way,
I have realized...
That the Only thing
Permanent is Change !!

Some for the better..
Some for the worse...
Some have left a scar..
A scar that is not visible
but is still present...in our hearts!!

There have been times
When I have had to decide
What my priorities were...
Sometimes had to take tough decisions
Some that made me cry too !!

Well, I am still here ..
So, that says a lot...:)
I know life still goes on..

I am happy for the beautiful
friends I made,
the ones who have been
there for me when I needed them most !!
through ups and downs ..!!

Life changes !!
People change !!
But the memories I have made during
these 3 years will be with me till my very end !!
No CHANGE there !!!!