Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Change....Days Since Being On Facebook !!!

It's been 3 years since
I joined Facebook !!!
Time has gone by
so quickly !!!

Made a few really good friends,
Exchanged smiles and laughs,
Sometimes chatting all day long.

So many things have changed though !!
People have moved on...
Some have left the site...
Things I thought would be
the same have changed !!

Somewhere along the way,
I have realized...
That the Only thing
Permanent is Change !!

Some for the better..
Some for the worse...
Some have left a scar..
A scar that is not visible
but is still present...in our hearts!!

There have been times
When I have had to decide
What my priorities were...
Sometimes had to take tough decisions
Some that made me cry too !!

Well, I am still here ..
So, that says a lot...:)
I know life still goes on..

I am happy for the beautiful
friends I made,
the ones who have been
there for me when I needed them most !!
through ups and downs ..!!

Life changes !!
People change !!
But the memories I have made during
these 3 years will be with me till my very end !!
No CHANGE there !!!!

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