Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ladder of Success

 Dear friend,
When you climb the,
Ladder of success,
Never forget those people,
Who gave you,
That extra push,
That you needed,
To go to the next step !!

It might have been,
Just a little smile,
A word of encouragement,
A hand you held on to,
In times of trouble,
A heart that listened to your pain,
Feet that walked with you,
And lips that prayed tor your success,
At every step !!!

Cause if at all you fall back,
These people will always be there,
To get a hold of you,
So you don't fall back,
All the way down !

And they will be there again,
To make sure you climb up again,
The same way they did before !!

They may be family or friends...

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